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3 Ways Heartout is Simplifying the Audition Process for Performers

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It’s no surprise directors are changing the way they search for talent. With the recent transition to virtual modems, auditions are being modernized with apps like HeartOut which record ‘live’ auditions in real-time and are stored on your mobile device for easy access and safekeeping. Check out some of the many ways Heartout is making the audition process easier for talent and directors below:

  1. HeartOut is free to download. 

Auditions typically bring many expenses including traveling fees, employee costs, and much more during the process. With HeartOut,  users don’t need to pay to download the app off of the App Store or set up an account. Price does vary based on audition, but overall expenditure is significantly less.

  1. We provide the platform to search and apply for auditions

No need to stress driving or traveling to different auditions and waiting in long lines to be seen. HeartOut provides a top-of-line platform with audition opportunities based on organization and specialty for you to easily apply. 

  1. Access information hassle-free

Directors and performers are allowed to access the app directly. What that means is directors have direct access to an audition and can easily store and manage all contestant auditions in one place. Performers can also access their audition and view their performance.

Learn more about HeartOut today. Schedule a free demo by contacting us directly at info@heartout.io.

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